Justicar of Half-a-Chance


A very able Fighter. Master of many forms: Shield arts, two blades, polearms and spears.

Adventuring: 2 Longswords, Shield, Chain Mail

(physical desc: a recent Liam Neeson)


Intensity. Balance. Vigor. Discipline. Kovad’s presence exudes these qualities. He is terse but kind in his everyday conversations, but he is a decent conversationalist and very knowledgeable. Being the de facto ruler of a town on the edge of civilization takes its toll, but no one is more suited to the job than he.

Kovad is Justin’s father. Until recently, Kovad’s somewhat distant nature had kindled a rebellious nature in Justin. Kovad’s explanation of how he had trained Justin so hard to make him develop a distaste for fighting and killing, however, satisfied Justin and revealed the depth of his father’s character. Seeing this realization in his son, Kovad has become closer with Justin since their confrontation.


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