Father Magraygor

Middle aged Priest of Amaunator, amateur celestial conspiracy theorist


Adventuring in the old days: Staff or Morningstar and Radiant Gauntlet, Chainmail

(physical desc: picture Derek Jacobi)


Devin Magraygor is a middle aged man with short white hair and a thin white goatee that encircles his smiling mouth. He generally dresses casually in light colored garments. Only a golden sun amulet and chain about his neck betray his occupation as a Priest of Amaunator. (He only wears his vestments on High Holy Days.)

He has a brother, Darren, whose farm is on the outskirts of Half-a-Chance. They are affectionately known as “Farmer” and “Father” Magraygor.

He formed an adventuring party with Kovad, Dhalia and, occasionally, various fourth members. From all descriptions, he was a courteous, rather light-hearted young priest, which continues into his middle years. He is not the stern, rigid figure of religious intolerance, that most folk come to expect from other older priests. He has always proclaimed that “Amaunator is still the lord of the morning” meaning that anyone or anything may change, and that each new day is a new opportunity to make things right.

Father Magraygor

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