Wily trader and caravan master, quick thinker


Equipped with: Hand Crossbow, Dagger Cloth Armor


This half-elf dressed for the trail. He’d never be confused with a foppish merchant, but his voice, smile and quirky gesticulations don’t make him a prime example of a “frontiersman.” Still his rakish good looks (slim and toned of figure, sandy blond locks, and kind eyes) and charm are more than enough to help him surround himself with loyal, well-paid guards. (Two of which seem to be bound to serve him to the death, Haj and Jarn.)

Currently organizing a supply and ore caravan from Half-a-Chance Mine to rendevous with merchants shipping goods coming downriver from Loudwater. First trip will be directly to Loudwater to try to organize the route, and show the quality of ore they bring.

Seemed unimpressed with J and D until they saved him from being trampled or burned to death by making an impromptu door in the wall of the blazing inferno that was once the great Horseshoe Road Inn.

Guarnateed jobs as caravan guards if they come by this week.


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